April 19, 2018 - 1518 Locomotive Steam Engine is part of the Main Street Paducah program in historic downtown Paducah, KY/photonews247.com

Paducah Railroad Museum

PADUCAH, KY – Paducah Railroad Museum features a train simulator, steam engine artifacts, salvaged railroad antiquities, historic photos and much more located at the corner of Washington Street and Marine Way in beautiful downtown Paducah, KY.

Wed – Fri (12pm – 4pm)
Sat (10am – 4pm)

Adults $5.00
Children $2.00

Paducah Railroad Museum
200 Washington Street
Paducah, KY 42003
(270) 908-6451
site: paducahrr.org
social: facebook.com/Paducah-Railroad-Museum
directions: google.com/maps


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  1. Roxanne Ramsey-Ebert Avatar
    Roxanne Ramsey-Ebert

    Can you tell me anything about Polly Newman the artist who painted the RR station in Paducah?

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