The One AT&T Tower building at 909 Chestnut St. is a 44-story building that takes up an entire city block and the second tallest building in St. Louis. The One AT&T Center was formerly known as the One SBC Center and One Bell Center located in downtown St. Louis. Read about Vacant Buildings in St. Louis.

The building has 1.4 million square feet of space. The tower was built in 1986 and has been vacant since AT&T vacated the building in 2017. It is the largest building by area in Missouri that houses 1,400,000 square feet. The parking situation is the biggest deterrent to buyers. There has been interested buyers but not enough to sign a contract as of yet. Hopefully 2021 will bring more interested buyers to the table.

1One Metropolitan SquareSt. Louis42181m1989
2One AT&T Center909 Chestnut St. St. Louis44179m1986
3Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse111 S 10th St. St. Louis28170m2000
4US Bank Plaza505 N 7th St. St. Louis35148m1976
5Laclede Gas Building720 Olive St. St. Louis31122m1969
6Southwestern Bell Building1010 Pine St. St. Louis26122m1926
7Civil Courts Building10 N Tucker Blvd. St. Louis13118m 386Ft1929
8100 Above the Park100 Kingshighway Blvd. STL36117m 2020
9Bank of America Plaza800 Market St. St. Louis31117m1981
10600 Washington600 Washington Ave. STL25 fl114m1985
11Park East Tower4909 Laclede Ave. St. Louis26101m2007
12Queeny Tower (torn down 2021)St. Louis1998m1965
13One Cardinal Way1 Cardinal Way, St. Louis2998m2020
14The Tower at OPOP411 N 8th St. St. Louis2595m2010
15Park Plaza Apartments212 Kingshighway Blvd. STL2794m1931
161010 Market Street1010 Market St. St. Louis2090m1982
17Millennium Hotel St. Louis Tower200 S 4th St. St. Louis2888m1968
18Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis999 N 2nd St. St. Louis1988m2007
19The Gentry’s Landing400 N 4th St. St. Louis2887m1965
20Mansion House Apartments300 N 4th St. St. Louis2887m1965

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  1. I love this building , it is my favorite tower in the small downtown district of St. Louis city!! It is beautiful. Moreso, than the tallest One Metropolitan. The ATT tower is sleak and brutal yet a striking form making it look taller than it is.!! All it needs is a clean glass fabrication over the lower entryways and the top. There are so many old great buildings saved by this modernisation! Something needs to be done…it cannot decay and make the CBD look like Beirut!!! All the new Ballpark and residential crap…some billionaire needs to refab for retail interest by a large HQ for a great company, while Austin is being crammed into a psychotic corporate wanderlust rush!!! STL can do this..and with a new soccer stadium by HOK…they can help the city they came from.!!