Occupy St. Louis City Hall demand resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson. credit craig currie

Protesters Occupy St. Louis City Hall until Mayor Krewson Resigns

Protesters now occupy St. Louis City Hall vowing to have a presence 24/7 until Mayor Lyda Krewson resigns. Some followers of ExpectUs and Action St. Louis were there among others that just wanted to join in and see justice served to Krewson who endangered constituents by giving out names and addresses of people who wrote letters demanding police reform during a Facebook live broadcast.

More than 50 percent of most all city budgets go to public safety but crime keeps rising. We should at least try to reallocated some of these funds to our communities. For example create a recreation center out of an old building the city owns, improve infrastructure, start a work program/club/group for troubled and disenfranchise youth, start a beautification group to get federal grants for flowers to plant around the city.

ExpectUs: Five Point Protest Campaign

  • Defund Police
  • Disarm or Train Police in Deescalation
  • Free Political Prisoners
  • Close The Workhouse
  • Reparations – funds to under served communities

Protesters spent the night with plenty of water and snacks to hold them til morning. The tents were sprawled neatly across the lawn which looked more like an camp site.

There was a tent that advertised Legal Support STL with the phone number to call at 314 312 0863.

It was a sleep over with people playing games with basket balls while others just sat and watched as spectators. It is the only kind of sports you can watch live downtown so people seemed to be captivated.