SOUTHSHORE/RIVERVIEW, FL – The Riverview Walmart Neighborhood Market opened on January 28, 2015 – see Grand Opening Day.

Management said applicants can now apply online at Visit your Riverview Neighborhood Market on Facebook.

Call Riverview Market at (813) 498-4099 for any question you may have.

Riverview Walmart Neighborhood Market |10327 Big Bend Rd. | Riverview, FL 3357 | (813) 498-4099 |

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  1. I applied at the walmart in gibsonto to all walmart and walmart market places around Riverview fl really hoping I can getva job at one of them I use to work forvthem in june but had to quit for 30 days to take care of my sick father I was promised my job back but I got the run father has passed away I need a job to pay bills and take care of my kids

  2. The opening date is JANUARY 28, 2015…Not 2014 as it is posted here and by WalMart. To clear up confusion, the store has NOT opened yet. 🙂

    1. I apologized for the mistake and I thank you Reina for the correction….With deep appreciation, craig