Nikos Greek Grille restaurant sign Ruskin, FL

NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE delicious, authentic Greek food in Ruskin, FL

SOUTH SHORE / RUSKIN, FL – rev Feb 22, 2016: NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE opened Monday, March 16, 2015 on E Shell Point Road in Ruskin, FL.

On opening day I had the GYRO sandwich plate that was delicious for only $9.00. The GYRO itself was a good size with NIKO’s secrete sauce, said Nate – part owner of the restaurant. It came with hot medium-sized fries with all the bread you could eat that was warm and crispy straight out of the oven.

After trying to finish our meal, we ended up splitting an order of mouth watering cheesecake that was gone within minutes.

The owners, waitresses, waiters were all exceptional. We were so happy with everything we gave the place five-stars and will definitely be going back, hopefully quite often.

It would be a very kind gesture to welcome the new family-owned restaurant to the neighborhood by stopping in for a bite to eat and to say hi :)

On Feb 22, 2016 there was a sign on their door that read:


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Niko’s Greek Restaurant
105 E Shell Point Rd, Ruskin, FL 33570
(813) 645-5946
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  1. What ! no Greek Meat Loaf on your Menu ? The mint gave it that extra “kick.”
    Loved Louie Papa’s meat loaf at Tarpon Springs — but that’s history !

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