SOUTH SHORE/RUSKIN, FL – New traffic lights, with designated left turn signals, are being installed at the corner of 19th Avenue and US-41 in Ruskin, FL.

The city anticipates heavier traffic once the new Publix at SouthShore Village,  Circle K, restaurants and more open.

A 17 second clip was taken and animated fully so plates and workers became unrecognizable in respect of everyone’s privacy.

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  1. Ruskin needs A traffic signal at 19 ave and interchange street. It is A 4 way stop and very busy with all the housing develop ment. Drivers sometimes miss the sign and go through it. I have seen this happen on a few occasions. WE need a traffic signal there before we have a fatality. PLEASE check this out.

  2. We need a light on US 41 N and 11th Ave, 5/3rd bank across from Catholic Church… too many accidents and would slow speeders. Left turn signals needed as well at this location too many unsafe u-turns.