OCT 10, 2015 - New Glarus Hotel built in 1853 on 6th Street in Wisconsin/photonews247.com

New Glarus Hotel Restaurant for authentic Swiss cuisine

NEW GLARUS, WI – OCT 28: 2015: The New Glarus Hotel Restaurant is a restaurant only, but the owners felt it important to include Hotel in the name since the building’s history began when it opened as a hotel back in 1853 on Sixth Street in New Glarus, WI.

New Glarus was named after Glarus, Switzerland, and the Swiss heritage can be found on just about every corner. Even some of the street signs, such as Rüti Strasse, placed above First & Fifth Street, represents a real village (Rüti Village) in Glarus, Switzerland.

Read about what is Swiss Food at the New Glarus Restaurant’s website and see the menus as well.

The New Glarus Hotel Swiss Restaurant
100 6th Ave, New Glarus, WI 53574
(608) 527-5244
newglarushotel.com | Google Maps