Jan 31, 2016 - Mural of evil giant feeding 24K gold scraps to severed dog's head held up by villagers in plan to get their stolen gold back in the Edge District neighborhood in St. Petersburg, FL/photonews247.com

A Giant Fairytale in St. Pete

EDGE DISTRICT / ST. PETERSBURG, FL – A colorful animated mural can be viewed on two sides of a building next door to Ricky B’s that depicts a giant feeding his beheaded dog scraps of gold under the table while the villagers hold it up.

This whimsical mural is one of many that one can find while discovery the eateries and quaint boutiques in the Edge District neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL.

Here is the paraphrased version of the story about the evil giant by Sebastian.

Along time ago there was a village ruled by a very angry giant that controlled the people and took their hard earned gold.

Every night, while the giant ate dinner, he would feed the stolen gold as scraps to his dog under the table.

The villagers were well aware of this nightly feeding and devised a plan to get their gold back and to leave the village once and for all.

One night, before the nightly feeding, the villagers chopped the dog’s head off and held it up under the table while nudging the giants knee with the dogs head prompting the giant that it was feeding time.

The giant proceeded to put the gold in the dog’s mouth while the villagers collected their stolen gold.

The villagers took their gold and moved to St. Pete where they lived happily ever after.