Missouri Bar and Grille permanently closes during Covid-19 Pandemic. credit craig currie

Missouri Bar & Grille Permanently Closes During Pandemic 1983-2020

Missouri Bar & Grille opened in 1983 and closed its doors permanently on December 5, 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In its heyday, the bar was filled with workers from the Saint Louis Globe Democratic and the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

After 134 years, The Globe Democrat closed its doors in 1986. The Post Dispatch, in 2019, moved a few blocks away into a miniscule building compared to the 6-floor monstrosity it formally resided in on Tucker Blvd. The former building had over 1000 workers in the 90s and has decreased rapidly over the years due to tech.

The service of the bar never dwindle, it was the people. From the production crews to the writers at the Post, they would stop in morning, noon and night since the “Paper” had people working around the clock.

From blue-collar workers to big business moguls, MoBar had them all. Every now and then you would see umpires come in to cool down after working a Cardinals game to boot. It was a busy bar in its day!

The pandemic has changed the entire landscape regarding bars and eateries. The tough question is will it ever get back to normal? I hear a lot of smart people saying that wearing a mask is here to stay since doctors are reporting that Covid-19 will never completely go away. With that said, I guess masks won’t either.

St. Louis losing MoBar is a tragedy for all of us and the memories will be cherished. The website is still active for now at https://missouribarandgrille.com