OCT 9, 2015 - Mineral Point Est 1827 border sign/photonews247.com

Mineral Point, a peaceful town in Wisconsin

MINERAL POINT, WI – OCT 21: Mineral Point is a small town (2.91 sq mi) in Wisconsin with an approximate population of 2,487 that has only increased by around 1% over that last 150 years or so.

High Street is the main strip downtown that’s lined with historic buildings, filled with locally owned stores, bars and restaurants, including a locally owned Ben Franklin five & dime.

Mineral Point hasn’t had any murders or robberies since city-data.com started tracking crime rates back in 2001.

Mineral Point is virtually void of fast food chains. If you want visit a McDonald’s you will have to drive 10 miles north on Hwy 151 to Dodgeville.

Read more about Mineral Point at: wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral_Point,_Wisconsin