Millennium Hotel Tower in Downtown St. Louis. April 2021 credit craig currie

Millennium Hotel St. Louis ranks #17 tallest building

The Millennium Hotel ranks in at #17 for tallest buildings in St. Louis. The tower was built in 1968 and closed in 2014. The top 28th floor featured Top of the Riverfront, a rotating restaurant that gave everyone a 360 view of the city. Read about Vacant Buildings in St. Louis.

It was originally known as Stouffer’s Riverfront Inn and later as the Regal Riverfront Hotel until it was acquired by Millennium Hotels and Resorts in 1999. For many years it was also known as The Clarion Hotel. It was designed by Tiernan Design and built by William B. Tabler Architects. Prior to closing in 2014, the hotel’s general manager was Robert Rivers.

The hotel was located on the south bank of the Mississippi River, directly across from the Gateway Arch. The hotel’s amenities included a swimming pool, fitness center, and several restaurants and bars.

The second circular tower on the property has only 11 floors, built a few years later in 1974 which consisted of a plaza and a recreational facility for the guests.

Millennium Hotel St Louis
200 S 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102
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