July 1, 2015 - Ybor Grill Authentic Spanish Restaurant, Ruskin SouthShore, FL

Menu Ybor Grille, Ruskin, FL

Ybor Grille Menu

339 19th Ave NE Ruskin, FL 33570, (813) 641-7300 – prices subject to change

For home deliveries within an hour call Take Out Butler at (813-643-FOOD) to place your order or visit http://order.takeoutbutler.com

Tapas (appetizers)

Devil Crab 100% crab meat $4.50
Papas Relleno (Stuffed potato) Seasoned Beef $3.25
Small Spanish Potatoes $2.95
Large Spanish Potatoes $3.95
Mini Devil Crab Basket (4) $8.25

Ensaladas (salads)

Garden Salad $4.50
Fresh crisp greens, with tomatoes and olives
Ybor Salad (small) $9.25
Crisp greens tossed with ham salami, swiss and romano, peppers, olives and herbs
Ybor Salad (Large) $10.95
Same as above , sized to share
Chicken Salad $11.25
Seasoned grilled chicken breast with fresh avocado, on a bed of fresh greens, with olive oil and garlic

Sopas (soups)

Black Bean (Cup) $4.50
Black Bean (Bowl) $5.25
Caldo Gallego (Cup) $4.50
Caldo Gallego (Bowl) $5.25
Garbanzo (Spanish Bean) (Cup) $4.50
Garbanzo (Bowl) $5.25


Half a Cuban and a Cup of Soup $8.95
Half Pork Sandwich and a Cup of Soup $9.95
Garden Salad and a cup of Soup $8.95

Side Items & A La Carte

Yellow Rice $4.50
Bread and Butter $2.50
White rice $4.50
Plantains $4.50
Yuca $4.50
Cup of Soup $4.50
Garden salad $4.50
Peas $4.50
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $4.50
Spanish Green Beans$4.50
Chef’s Choice $4.50

From The Streets Of Old Ybor

Served as noted below. Make it a basket!!! Add Spanish potatoes and Pickle ($1.50 Please add $0.45 for lettuce tomato, cheese or extra dressing.

Cuban Sandwich $7.95
Truly the best in Tampa! Ham, Pork, Salami, Swiss cheese and pickles, Hot Pressed

Palomilla Steak Sandwich $9.95
Spanish cut sirloin steak, topped with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese (breaded or grilled)

The Real Grouper Sandwich $10.50
Beer battered Grouper (when available) topped with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tarter with Spanish potatoes

Pork Sandwich $9.95
Slow roasted in sour oranges, and garlic, on fresh Cuban bread with mojo for dipping

Papa’s Meatloaf $9.95
Papa liked it served open face. Topped with garlic mashed and mushroom gravy

Mojo Chicken $9.95
Marinated chicken breast topped Manchego cheese, and roasted peppers. With Spanish potatoes

House Specials – Served with one Side

Grilled Chicken Pasta $15.95
Seassoned Chicken Breast with grilled mushrooms and green onions on a bed of pasta with a light lemon garlic sauce

Shrimp Alajillo $15.95
Fresh Shrimp tossed with tomatoes, green onions, white wine, olive oil, and garlic on a bed of rice


Arroz con Pollo $12.95
(Baked Chicken & Rice) Our yellow rice is made the old way, with real saffron. Served with one side item

Black Beans & Rice $6.95
Try it with our marinated onions

Pollo Vallencia $14.95
Tender chicken pieces, baked with our yellow rice, Smoked ham, Spanish choizo, and a white wine tomato sauce. Served with one side

Authentic Ybor Dishes – Served with choice of two sides

Picadillo (Spanish Ground Beef) $11.96
A blend of seasoned ground beef, potatoes, olives and capers in a litght tomato sauce

Lechon Asado (Cuban Roast Pork) $13.75
Fresh pork marinated in sour oranges and garlic, (mojo) slow cooked till fork tender

Taste of Ybor $15.95
A portion of Ropa Vieja, Piccadillo, and roast pork (no substituion)

Pollo Rioja $13.95
Lightly breaded chicken breast, with Roja Wine and tomato sauce and topped with Manchego cheese

Ropa Vieja “Old Clothes” $13.75
Shreded flank steak, slowly simmered in a rich in a rich burgandy and tomato sauce

Palomilla Steak $14.95
Spanish cut sirloin, Select: Breaded or Grilled. Try it with grilled onions.

Mama’s Meatloaf $12.95
With a surprise inside, topped with a brown sugar, tomato sauce. Try it with our garlic mashed potatoes

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Fingers w/ Spanish Potatoes $4.95
Kids Burger w/ Spanish Potatoes $4.95
Kids Picadillo with Rice $4.95
Kids Ropa Vieja w/ Rice $4.95
Kids Pork w/ Rice $4.95
Kids PB & J w/ Spanish Potatoes $4.95

Postres (deserts)

Flan $3.25
A traditional vanilla egg custard

Bread Pudding $3.75
Baked for years by my mother, now by my wife

Guava Cheesecake $4.95
A spanish version of the N.Y. favorite

Double Chocolate Texas Sheetcake $5.75
(Not served a la mode for delivery)


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  1. I had the WORST experience at Ybor Grille tonight. This place is not authentic Cuban food at all.
    The beginning of our bad experience started with service. The waitress was terrible, took forever to get our drinks, and kept talking over me. We waited on waters for 20 minutes because “someone else was sat at the same time as us”. My mom ordered a martini, and she had to come back twice first because they were out of two types of vodka, and second because the glass was chipped. The server disappeared so I had to bring it back to the bar to reorder it. I understand that glasses can get chipped…that happens, but twice she brought it with olives instead of a lime twist. Whatever, simple directions are hard sometimes. We still waited on water after that fiasco for a very long time. We asked three different times for it, and for bread. Finally we got the waters and bread, shortly after our food followed. I had ordered palomilla and my grandmother ordered palomilla sandwich. My steak came without onions and looked like it was boiled. I asked why there weren’t any onions on it like it said on the menu, and with a bewildered look the waitress said oh what kind do you want? I also asked for chimichurri, she had no idea what that was either. I thought I was eating at a Cuban restaurant…they didn’t have any after I explained to her what it was and she asked. I took one bite of the less than appetizing steak and felt like I was biting into a cross between jerky and dog food. The taste was bland and mealy and terrible at the same time and it was very tough. My grandmother said she felt like she was biting into leather. We asked to speak to the manager. Brian, the manager came over, and with a look of bewilderment couldn’t believe that we didn’t like the steaks. I really wanted to say, you would serve someone this?!?! It looked terrible. I should’ve taken a picture. I wouldn’t have served it to my dog. After having to explain why the food tasted like crap he nicely offered to get us something else. There was already a bad taste in my mouth and there wasn’t any coming back. They did take the meals off, but I’m still hungry and I will never go back there and even attempt to give them my money. Little Habana Cafe (isn’t open on Sundays) is the only good Cuban restaurant around, and I will gladly drive there to get my Cuban food fix. Pass this place up if you want to avoid disappointment.

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