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Menu Islamorada Fish Company, Brandon, FL

BRANDON, FL – The menu at the Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant was viewed by hundreds on opening day (July 29, 2015) adjacent to the Bass Pro Shops in Brandon, FL.

At the time prices range from $8.99 for the Bass Pro Burger to $24.99 for the New York Strip with a baked potato.

Monday-Thursday 11a-9p
Friday-Saturday 11a-10p
Sunday 11a-7p

The Islamorada Fish Company
10501 Palm River Road, Tampa, FL 33619

Menu Islamorada Fish Company (July 29, 2015)

­•Venison-Stuffed Mushrooms $8.99
•Conch Fritters $7.99
•Calamari $9.99
•Smoked Wahoo Dip $7.99
•Crab Cake $10.99
•Spinach and Artichoke Dip 7.99
•Alligator $12.99
•Clam Strips $8.99
•Coconut Onion Rings $6.99
•New England Clam Chowder (Cup 3.99 Bowl 4.99)
ISLAND SAMPLER: $15.99 – Conch Fritters, Alligator, Wahoo Dip, and Clamstrips 15.99

•Old Bay Shrimp 1/2 LB $8.99, 1 LB $16.99
•Steamed Clams ½ Dozen $7.99, 1 Dozen $12.99
•Raw Oysters ½ Dozen $7.99, 1 Dozen $12.99
•Chef’s Choice Ceviche and Chips $9.99

•Garden $6.99 – mixed greens, vegetables and Monterey Jack cheese.
•Caesar $6.99 – Romaine with homemade dressing croutons and Parmesan cheese.
•Montego Bay $7.99 – original blend of Romaine lettuce, Mandarin orange slices, scallions, and almonds, served with homemade tarragon vinaigrette dressing.
•Greek $7.99 – fresh greens topped with crumbled feta cheese, Greek olives, tomatoes, red onions and pepperoncini.

•Mahi Mahi (Garden or Caesar) $12.99, Montego or Greek $13.99
•Scallops (Garden or Caesar) $15.99, Montego or Greek $16.99
•Chicken Breast (Garden or Caesar) $10.99, Montego or Greek $11.99
•Grilled Shrimp (Garden or Caesar) $12.99, Montego or Greek $13.99

Served with french fries and coleslaw **except where noted. Upgrade to a side salad or sweet potato tots for 1.95
•Islamorada Sandwich $14.99 – Mahi Mahi, fried or grilled, with sautéed onions smothered in American cheese
•Grouper Reuben market price $ – Grouper, fried or grilled, topped with 1000 Island slaw dressing, Swiss cheese on grilled Texas-cut rye bread
•Blackened Tuna* $13.99 – served with wasabi cream, spring greens, tomato and avocado
•Crab Cake Sandwich $13.99 – crab topped with fresh spring greens and chipotle tartar sauce
•Swamp Chicken $15.99 – blackened chicken topped with pepperjack cheese, peppercorn sauce, fresh greens, tomato, and loaded up with our famous fried alligator tail
•Fish Tacos** $13.99 – Blackened Mahi Mahi in soft tortillas with Mandarin oranges, pico de gallo, blend of cheeses, cabbage mix, and chipotle tartar sauce. Served with tortilla chips and pico de gallo
•Big Sky Buffalo Burger* $12.99 – lean buffalo topped with barbecue sauce and fried onion strings
•Bass Pro Burger* $8.99 – A simple steak burger, add 0.99 cents for each: choice of cheese, bacon, or avocado

•Tuna Steak Wasabi* $17.99 – Sushi-grade tuna seared to temperature in black and white sesame seeds. Served atop wasabi cream with ginger soy dipping sauce with sides of Morada rice and fresh vegetable
•Grouper Portofino market price $ – blackened grouper topped with large grilled shrimp in a creamy lobster sauce with separated Morada rice and a fresh vegetable
•King Crab Legs market price $ – 1 or 2 lbs Alaskan King Crab Legs with baked potato and fresh vegetable
Shrimp Pasta $17.99 – Key West shrimp pasta tossed in a tasty cream lobster sauce over a bed of linguine

Served with french fries and coleslaw, Substitute a side salad or sweet potato tots for $1.95
•Fish and Chips $13.99 – house specialty beer-battered flaky whitefish served with Islamorada tartar sauce
•Fried Shrimp $15.99
•Mahi Mahi $16.99
•Calamari $12.99
•Tenderized American Alligator $16.99
•Sea Scallops $18.99
•Coconut Shrimp $15.99
•Clam Strips $13.99
•Grouper market price $

Served with Morada rice and fresh vegetable, substitute a side salad or sweet potato tots for $1.95
Grilled Options: Blackened, Teriyaki, Fresh Roasted Garlic, or Barbecue
•Mahi Mahi $16.99
•Sea Scallops $18.99
•Grilled Shrimp $15.99
•Yellowfin Tuna* $17.99
•Salmon $16.99
•Grouper market price $

Shoreline Chicken $11.99 – spicy jerk-seasoned chicken thighs topped with mango pico de gallo and avocado. Served with black beans and rice
Cajun Pasta $12.99 – blackened chicken breast with linguine and a spicy Cajun Alfredo sauce with diced tomatoes and scallions.
•Cajun Shrimp Pasta $13.99
•Cajun Salmon Pasta $17.99
•New York Strip Steak* $24.99 – USDA Black Angus Center-cut topped with warm garlic mushrooms, whiskey butter, and fried onions and side baked potato
•St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs Half Rack $14.99 Full $20.99 – hickory-smoked smothered in sweet BBQ sauce served with french fries and coleslaw

•Black Beans and Rice $2.49
•Sweet Potato Tots $3.50
•Homemade Coleslaw $2.25
•Basket of French Fries $2.99
•Side Salad House or Caesar $3.99
•Small Greek or Montego Bay Salad $4.99
•Fresh Vegetable $2.49
•Baked Potato $2.49
•Morada Rice $2.49

Chicken and Waffles $16.99 – Bimini bread waffle and potato crusted chicken strips served with sweet Thai chili syrup


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  1. Bob Hickstein Avatar
    Bob Hickstein

    I had a cheeseburger there about a month ago and it was the best I’ve had in years, so good I have been telling my friends about it and was thinking about going again today and trying the fish and chips.

  2. Service and the food at the Tampa Bass Pro Shop restaurant is terrible. Today I tried their new menu item conch chowder. The only thing that comes to mind is tomato slop.
    I have been going to the Fish Company restaurants for years and was so excited when one opened in my area. But there is no comparison. Be aware that each restaurant has its own Regional management and menu. Don’t go there expecting to see the great menu items and terrific food that can be found in the keys and the restaurants nearest the keys.

  3. This was the worst experience ever. At first it was great, sat fast drinks fast. We ordered our appetizer spinach and avocado dip. Took forever. Had 3 loaves of bread and 3 drinks before we got our meal. Sent the dip back, looked like the spinach wasn’t drained, very watery and no cheese. When our food finally came it looked like it had been sitting under the heat lamps for a long time. We waited 45 minutes, fries were cold, shrimp Caesar salad was hot and wilted, swamp chicken sandwich cheese was melted off the sandwich and on the plate. The other chicken meal looked like charcoal briquettes! We were told they got busy… there weren’t that many tables seated!!

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