PADUCAH, KY – The Paducah City Commission voted 4-1 passing a Fairness Ordinance on Jan. 9, 2018 that will focus on age, gender identity and sexual orientation complaints. The complaints will be handled by Paducah’s Human Rights Commission that was already in place.

it was standing room only at City Hall with people out in the hallways either waiting to be called to voice their thoughts at the podium or to hear the outcome of the historic vote.

Mayor Brandi Harless was at the helm of this Fairness Ordinance and worked overtime to help pass this amendment. She is a trailblazer – to say the least – and has done a remarkable job since voted in by the people of Paducah in November 2016.  And with this historic endeavor we can add another A+ to her already impressive 5.0 GPA as Mayor.

The new amendment represents fairness, equality and nondiscrimination for everyone. Read details from source at

City Hall
300 S 5th St
Paducah, KY 42003

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