Sept 4, 2017 - Labor Day Parade with Paducah's Police Force leading on Broadway Main Street in Historic Downtown Paducah, KY/

Labor Day Parade Paducah KY 2017

PADUCAH, KY – The Labor Day Parade was raining candy and gum as participants tossed goodies at the crowd along Broadway in beautiful downtown Paducah, KY.

Paducah is a Norman Rockwell-like town filled and governed by the most wonderful people our commonwealth has to offer. And the police are top notch to boot. They carry a mannerism that makes you feel at ease, a mannerism that I thought was something of the past.

This genuine kindness and upscale mannerism is nothing new to the people of Paducah; it’s part of their heritage. Irvin Cobb so eloquently put it, “More genuine hospitality is offered than in any town of like size in the commonwealth.”

It was such a privileged to be able to photograph the Labor Day Parade with Historic Main Street (Broadway) as the backdrop. This street represents the heart and soul of Downtown Paducah that’s doing a lot more than just surviving; it’s thriving.

The recently elected Mayor Brandi Harless has been a major catalyst who has helped push this town into a renaissance period. From the beginning of her term that started in November of 2016, there’s been new stores, restaurants, food trucks, hotels, gyms, cafes, apartments that have opened just in the historic downtown area alone with a lot more on the way.

The people of Paducah refuse to go quietly into the night in terms of letting their heritage crumble. They are collectively bringing back downtown to its former glory with a high-tech twist. I can tell you first hand this is a magical place.

Reading about small, wonderful towns like Paducah is like a breath of fresh air knowing that they continue on in America. But it becomes something more than wonderful when you actually experience it first hand. So put “Visit Paducah Soon” on your bucket list and see this classy little town for yourself. It’s truly a must see!

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