Woman solo dancing is circle at Juneteenth celebration in Downtown St. Louis. credit craig curie

Juneteenth 2020: Dancing in the Streets in Downtown St. Louis

Juneteenth was a block party with lots of dancing and fun Friday evening in front of St. Louis City Hall on Tucker Boulevard in Downtown St. Louis. The stereo speakers used were hauled in on a flatbed that filled city streets with music for the first time in a long time.

Juneteenth is a holiday held annually on June 19th which celebrates the emancipation of black people who were enslaved in America. (source wikipedia.org/Juneteenth)

ExpectUS organized the celebration and it was a great success. Tucker Boulevard was turned into the biggest dance floor I have ever seen. Painted yellow on Tucker Blvd. was the word REPARATIONS, which is the right thing to do.

I have joined the Black Lives Matter movement and will fight for true equality in this country. I am old and thought things were getting better until I watched George Floyd’s murder. I was shocked that the other cops did nothing while the crowd was yelling. I then questioned how many murders occur by police that aren’t on film for the world to see.

Now that I am part of the movement, should I fear for my safety? When will I be pulled over, assaulted and put in jail on a trump charge? The famous American phrase “Land of the Free” is a farce as long as black people continue to be enslaved by inequality and the poor reside in the streets.

The people in ExpectUS work tirelessly, putting themselves in danger each time they protest. They bravely do this to make America a better place, a place where true equality will exist one day. more at https://www.facebook.com/FrontLineA1/