Juneteenth Cori Bush talks Emancipation, Freedom St Louis City Hall Downtown. credit craig currie

Juneteenth: Cori Bush Speaks Emancipation, Slavery at St. Louis City Hall

During the Juneteenth celebration Cori Bush, candidate for US Congress 1st District, gave s a powerful speech on the Emancipation Proclamation and slavery at St. Louis City Hall.

Mrs. Bush said, “Every single strike, every single strike that one of our ancestors took. I am saying our ancestors because we are here right now because we had an ancestor there at that moment. Every strike across the backs of our ancestors could have broken them.” The pain slaves endured during lashings was unbearable and inhumane.

“In 1863, this Emancipation Proclamation came forward January 1st that said that we were free.’ Bush continued with, “It wasn’t until June 19 of 1865 that the word made it all the way across the south, lastly in Galveston, TX that said we are unequivocally free.”