Aug 14, 2016 - Jules Riverview Car Wash US-301, SouthShore, FL/

Jules Car Wash, Riverview, FL (opens)

RIVERVIEW / SOUTHSHORE, FL – Jules Full Service Car Wash is the first of its kind operated by a state-of-the-art computer system along with a water reclamation system eco-friendly to Florida.

Help support local businesses by stopping in for a high-tech, scratch-free car wash on Hwy 301 – behind Kazbor’ Grille in Riverview, FL.

Jules Car Wash
10060 US Hwy. 301 South, Riverview, FL 33569
(813) 231-9274 | Google Maps


7 responses to “Jules Car Wash, Riverview, FL (opens)”

  1. I need job car wash
    I’m from Pakistan
    I’m 22 years old
    I’m interest in job car wash

  2. Expediency over accuracy. Had to point out errors and the kid who did the job kept making excuses as to why it didn’t come out. Paid 75 bucks and still had bug marks in the windshield. I had to wipe down the windows again when I got home. Bottom line a good retailer will show you the imperfections they couldn’t get out. I had to point out every single one. I think next time I will invest the same 75 in materials and do it myself. Glad I didn’t tip.

  3. I took both my cars for basic service. My Pontiac had damage to Drivers seat back, plastic clip had been pulled out and was broken. After runaround by manager he said they don’t work in back at all and he refused to accept responsibility.
    Piss poor attitude and a very F%&ked up situation. Will never use them again!!!

  4. Andre King Avatar
    Andre King

    I wash and wax my car. I was on a tight time frame so I stopped at Jule’s car wash. I purchased the wash and vac because I was taking my car home to put a wax on it. The Interrior was taken care of properly. The outside of my car still had water spots on the drivers window and on the hood of my car. I asked the person that cleaned my car to wipe the spots that were still on the car off and he told me that he couldn’t get them out. He asked if I wanted the manager and I said yes. He tells me he same thing and that it’s permanent water spots that could only be removed if they detailed the car. I wash and wax my car almost every week. I know that the spots come out. They seem to want to try and sell me a detail package. I will not use them ever again!!! I was better off going through the car wash at the gas station. Needless to say, I drove my car home and wiped the window and the good clean and then I waxed my car. I use to work at a car wash so I know how things work. Bad work done and bad customer service. Worst first and last experience.

    1. Please come back in and ask for me. My name is Ryan and I am one of the owners. I would like to make this right for you.

  5. Francisca Pena Avatar
    Francisca Pena

    First time trying Jules car wash at 10060 us hwy 301 south Saturday 10.01.16 purchased the works $34.99 with tax & tip 42.00 later exterior was done right but the interior was crap won’t be coming back. Save time and money and do your research for a better car wash.

    1. Please come back in and ask for Ryan. I would like to make this right. I just saw this review on this site.

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