AUG 9, 2015 - The Jose Gasparilla Spanish Pirate Ship docked in Tampa, FL USA/

Gasparilla Pirate Ship docked in Tampa, FL

DOWNTOWN TAMPA, FL – Jose Gaspar, nicknamed Gasparilla, was a Spanish Navel officer turned pirate who allegedly raided ships and terrorized Florida’s west coast during the late 18th and early 19th century.

A replica of the Gasparilla ship is permanently docked along Bayshore Blvd where it can be viewed by residents and visitors in Downtown Tampa, FL.

Since 1904, there has been an annual celebration now called the Gasparilla Pirate Festival where the Ye Mystic Crew board the Gasparilla ship and take Tampa captive for a week of parties and parades.

And one week prior to the main invasion is when the Gasparilla Children’s Parade is held.


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