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Historic Loudon, TN (1817?)

LOUDON, TN –  The Historic District of Loudon Tennessee dates back to 1817, which is not correct according to some locals.

Even though the year remains in question this small town is hauntingly beautiful located just 30 minutes from Knoxville along the Tennessee River.

Many of the buildings have been fully restored that now house locally owned restaurants, upscale boutiques, antiques shops, art galleries, a live performing arts theater and more.

Historic Loudon Tennessee…
History, Hospitality and
Southern Charm

Historic Loudon TN
Site: weloveloudon.com
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11 responses to “Historic Loudon, TN (1817?)”

  1. My papaw fought the Indians near the jiffy mart. Kilt a bunch or them back in way back. They ran down Steekie St Ann shot arrows. Loudon s history is rich an full or I asked my mamaw an she said or family moved too Loudon befor the war. So we been here way befor 1817 an my papaw fought for this town.

  2. Passed Through Avatar
    Passed Through

    Southern Charm? Hahaaaahahaaa

  3. Brenda J Richesin Johndrow Avatar
    Brenda J Richesin Johndrow

    I am descended from a man from your town who fought in the War of 1812. That town was there before he was born. Please stop fussing about it –if people could just relax now please.

    1. Dean Johnson Avatar
      Dean Johnson

      He may very well have been in the general area where Loudon is located before 1812, but there was no town there. I think this is the point that people are trying to make. Loudon Fact: There was no town anywhere near current Loudon in 1817, or 1827. That is a FACT.

  4. A very detailed map of Tennessee was commissioned and made from survey in 1832 by Matthew Rhea. There is no town anywhere near Loudon. No Loudon. No town.

  5. Set the record straight. Avatar
    Set the record straight.

    Agreed. Who spearheaded this falsehood? Did anyone think of checking the facts? I cringe every time I drive Hwy 11 and see the banners, signs, and water tower. Can we just fabricate history? Apparently we can in Loudon.

  6. Loudon’s claim of being founded in 1817 is a far stretch. There are no buildings in Loudon built in 1817. There was little to nothing there in 1817. Where 90% of the town now sits was Cherokee territory until 1819. After that the land was tied up in a legal battle between the Blair family and Pathkiller until 1850. Someone needs to check their facts.

    1. Carlie McEachern Avatar
      Carlie McEachern

      My ancestors moved to Harrison bend in Loudon area in 1815, there was a new 2 story brick warehouse used for commerce near Blairs Ferry, my family cemetery’s first grave is in 1820, Susanna Fuqua Harrison, wife of James, the farm is still in family, 135 acres on the bend running from one side to the other, like a stripe across the back of a horse, if we weren’t here who buried her and marked that grave that I now tend along with 60 or 70 others ?

      1. Don't write your own history. Avatar
        Don’t write your own history.

        In 1815 there was no warehouse near Blairs Ferry. Of coarse there were a few families of European descent living on the north side of the river. No one disputes that. But a town? Loudon? No. This is pure fiction. The fact of Loudon claiming to have been founded in 1817 is laughable.

      2. There were no 2 story brick warehouses in Loudon in 1817. Check your facts.

      3. Yes, it’s nice to see someone else is tilting their head besides me. Loudon 1817??? Come on people. We may as well say that Sunnyside was established in 1632. Hey, as long as we are making stuff up, why not?

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