Dec 22, 2017 - Alex's Downtown Deli during Christmas time in Historic Downtown Tunica MS/

Christmas on Tunica Main Street

TUNICA, MS – Tunica Main Street was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights again this year in the Historic Downtown section of Tunica, MS.

While setting up I met a nice gentleman on the sidewalk that reminded me of my late cousin Charlie that we all love so dearly. That was my special moment of the night along with visiting the memorial.

Tunica was founded in 1884. According to a chart on Google, in 2016 there was 968 people living in Tunica.

It’s a wonderful small town with all the eateries, markets and services that big cities provide. But this one adds a splash of good ol’ Southern Hospitality that may keep you coming back for more.

Tunica is known for its many Casino Hotels that you can book for sometimes under $50. If you are ever in the area and like small towns, you may want to add this little gem to your bucket list.

Tunica Main Street
909 River Road
Tunica, MS 38676



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