MAY 17, 2015 - Gulleys scatch and dent name brand foods on 8th Ave and US-41, Ruskin South Shore, FL

Gulley’s Surplus Grocery – a classic 1949, Ruskin, FL

RUSKIN / SOUTH SHORE, FL – MAY 19: The Gulley’s Surplus Grocery store buys scratch and dent food items in volume and passes the savings (as much as 50% at times) on to its customers at the intersection of 8th Ave and US-41 in Ruskin, FL.

Some of the items are close to, or passed the sell-by dates similar to the Hostess Bread Day Old stores but with the variety of a grocery store.

Arnold, Thomas and Entenmann’s products are sold at reduced prices at Gulley’s due to being returned or unsold by the distributors of George Weston Bakeries.

Jack Gulley’s family owned store moved into the 1949 building about 30 years ago and has been a classic example of how things continue in the small, peaceful town of Ruskin, FL.

A member of the Ruskin Chamber of Commerce
A Notary Republic
HOURS: 8am-5pm Mon-Sat, Closed Sundays

Gulley’s Surplus Grocery | 720 N U.S. Hwy 41 | Ruskin, FL 33570 | (813) 645-4801 | Google+


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    Hello. Who is the owner of Gulley’s? I would like to get in contact with him/her. Please call me at 954.699.8809.

    Thank you,
    Delma Martinez

    1. Hi Delma, The owner is Jack Gulley with stores in other cites including Tampa, Plant City, Bradenton and Lakeland. I would call these stores for more info..thank you for visiting and I hope this helps.

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