SLSO Powel Hall opening night Spring 2021 in Grand Center St. Louis. Spring 2021 by craig currie

Grand Center Arts District carefully opens venues

The Grand Center Arts District is starting to slowly open including Powell Hall home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. SLSO held its first live concert on March 26 and safety was a priority.

They are not at full capacity and adhere to social distancing by scattering guests around the entire theatre making it look somewhat empty, which is a good look I might add, in a pandemic. Mask wearing is mandatory for all shows until further notice. Powell Hall went high-tech with contact-free ticket purchasing as well.

As for The Grandel, this venue has been holding outside events for a while under a big white tent with plenty of circulation to keep everyone as safe as can be during a pandemic. While going up the stairs to the front door, you are happily greeted by someone asking, “Can you please put your mask on.” I thought this was a thoughtful way to remind us when we forgot to put it on.

We all hear the word pivot and it seems like the Grand Center has remade itself by pivoting as well. With a new variant suspected to be vaccine resistant, we may be taking these safety precautions way into next year.

Don’t get down, though. We can do it! We may have to pivot a bit more to adapt to this new-normal which seems like it lasting forever, but with the help from our family and friends, together we will wear this pandemic down. We will win. Have faith my friends, this too shall pass. Old normal here we come!