Godaddy – errors & timeouts

Errors and timeouts are some common errors you may have when hosting with Godaddy.  I had the WordPress Hosting Plan and below are screenshots of the errors.

I had these issues for months and Godaddy recommended that I purchase more services. I purchase all the services except for the really expensive Private Server.

In short my site was getting to be unaffordable while the errors continued. I was losing viewers and my revenue was cut in half. I was literally at a loss. So I tried Hostgator and Siteground. Hostgator was slow and Siteground was lightning fast.

I moved my site ( to Siteground around mid 2017 and never had an issue since.

My recommendation is to move to if you are having any problems with Godaddy or Hostgator. The people at Siteground don’t push sales since everything you buy just simply works.