The Globe Democrat Building at 710 N Tucker Blvd. is being renovated in Downtown St. Louis. Fence surrounds the building and the first floor is boarded up. The renovations were ongoing in February of 2021.

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  1. Yaas! Definitely Tucker, as sign clearly states…and the building , esp. the entryway is magnificent, and with the “real socialism” type architecture without too much communist messaging, or art deco, hard entrance to a very important media empire. the Globe and the Dispatch that was started from huge national influencer and mogul Pulitzer.

  2. Opps. You have the wrong address. The most recent Globe-Democrat building, in the video, is at 710 North Tucker. Other construction is going on at 900 North Tucker, the most recent owner was Post-Dispatch, but was originally built for the Globe-Democrat. Construction is going on at both. But your video is incorrect