May 28, 2018 - Nathan Torian talks with War Vets at Global War on Terrorism Memorial in honor of brother MSGT. Aaron Carl Torian and Marine SGT Helfin and all who have served/

Global War on Terrorism Memorial Ceremony, Paducah

Video above shows the unveiling and some touching clips after the ceremony.

PADUCAH, KY – Torian says, “Two Paducah natives, Sgt. Christopher Heflin and MSGT. Aaron Torian, gave the ultimate sacrifice in these wars. No words can describe how much Paducah needs to memorialize those who served along with those who gave everything.” (source

McCracken County Judge Leeper, during the unveiling ceremony on May 28, said to the crowed, “It takes one person to have a vision.” He then looks over to Nathan Torian and said, “Nathan, that was you.”

He continues looking over at Nathan and said, “I have a little phrase I like to use….refuse to do nothing, and I think you epitomized that today.”

Nathan Torian, brother of Aaron Torian who was killed while on duty in Afghanistan in 2014, was at the helm of this project and his unwavering commitment was legendary.

Nathan said to the crowed, “If it wasn’t for you all, it wouldn’t have gotten done. Now I hear everyone thanking me, but all I did was put everyone’s money and efforts into one place.”

Engraved on the monument is MSGT. Aaron Carl Torian and Marine Sgt. Christopher Todd Heflin. They both lived in Paducah and were high school friends as well.

Members of the Operation Enduring Freedom Fund organized the unveiling ceremony.

MSGT. Aaron Carl Torian
KIA: 15/FEB/2014,
Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Marine Sgt. Christopher Todd Heflin
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Global War on Terrorism Memorial Monument
Dolly McNutt Memorial Plaza Park
At Clark Street & 5th
Paducah, KY 42003
Unveiled: Monday, May 28, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Video produced by Bob Dwyer