Photographer from St. Louis American Newspaper takes photo of George Floyd portrait and Artist Ben Angelly. credit craig currie

George Floyd Painting by Ben Angelly Along Delmar Loop in University City

A portrait of George Floyd, painted by portrait painter and Artists Ben Angelly, was one of two dozen artists painting boarded up windows along Delmar Blvd. Wednesday, June 10, 2020 in The Delmar Loop in University City which is an inner-ring suburb of the city of St. Louis.

Video of Artist Ben Angelly painting portrait of George Floyd on a sheets of plywood protecting windows on a building in University City.

The painting event was organized by Jessica Bueler, a contractor for University City and Allison Bamberger, Director of Communications for University City.

I asked Ben what inspired him to do this. He so eloquently said…..

A friend shared that a bunch of people were coming down here to U City to paint the boarded up windows. And as an Artist myself, I thought it would be a good opportunity to contribute, to help the movement in any way possible, to bring attention to what’s going on in the country lately.

I mostly paint portraits and I thought a portrait of George Floyd would be appropriate. I see him as a symbol for the injustice that people across the country are facing and then to bring attention to the police and their treatment of African Americans. 

by Ben Angelly

Ben’s words were moving. I thought as long as we have people like Ben in the world, there will always be hope for a better future. God Bless Ben and all that join the fight for Black Lives Matter. You can follow Artist Ben Angelly at: Instagram @angelly701