VIDEO: Forest Park Skating Rink to Grow Beer in Garden This Summer

I visited the Alien at the Planetarium in Forest Park Forever and he said that the Forest Park Forever people told the local media people to tell us common people that the Forest Park Forever people recently learned how to grow beer in a garden, and they have tentative plans to plant the garden-that-grows-beer at the Ice Rink.

Also, the Forest Park Forever people at Forest Park Forever are thinking about having the ice skating rink open year round, but that is not possible because water don’t freeze in the Summer. I emailed Forest Park Forever about the mistake and it shows that my email has been temporarily blocked forever. I can’t wait to see the beer garden that grows beer this summer at the rink. This is Fake News Reporter Billy from

This is Fake News and is for entertainment only. Thank you for listening and have a great day.

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