Is was a full fashion show and a who’s who collaboration event at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in the Grand Center neighborhood with The STL Collective, a group of black female entrepreneurs who are innovators in business and technology in the St. Louis area. The photoshoot coined “You art Art” went like clockwork with Coach Chi Anderson and Photographer Jamar Church at the helm.

The event was held on 12.10.2021 from 10:30am to 12:00pm and was mostly outside for the most part. At the end we all started taking pictures again of each other and it became a massive photo opportunity for everyone. It was a wonderful time and it felt so good to get out and mingle without wearing masks outside. It was a simple thing but it meant so much to us. Until next year’s shoot, I bid you farewell.

Fashion at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Grand Center, St. Louis on 2110,2021. craig currie

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