Alien from Roswell NM Found Forest Park St. Louis MO. Nov.2021 Credit Craig Currie
Tom Friedman’s alien creation stands at St. Louis Planetarium Looking Up for his friends to come pick him up to no avail.

Artist Tom Friedman dropped off his alien friend at the Planetarium in Saint Louis in 2017, and no one has picked him up yet. It is said that this particular alien may be connected to the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico… But since this is fake news, this too is unsubstantiated baloney.

I really love doing fake news because I can say anything I want and it makes it true since I said it. And then once it hits the internet, it’s really true because its, well the internet. Kidding aside, this is just for entertainment. and Tom Friedman is a wonderful artist. Happy Holidays whoever listened to this.

Alien sculpture by artist Tom Friedman Nov.2021

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