Asian Elephants at the St. Louis Zoo May 2022. craig currie

Elephants at St. Louis Zoo are Majestic and Relaxing to Watch

The Asian Elephants at the St. Louis Zoo are so relaxing to watch. They are truly majestic animals that don’t belong in captivity but they are well taking care of. When their tails are wagging, they are happy and content. Their language is spoken in a frequency so low that humans can’t even hear them talk at all. Elephants take dust baths by throwing dirt on themselves which help providing skin care, protection from insect bites and the sun.

The St. Louis Zoo is free but you still need to make a reservation online. Make sure you bring a water bottle for hydrating and maybe even a hat for protection from the sun. You could always throw dirt on your head like the elephants if you don’t fancy hats. 🙂

Elephants dusting and eating at the St. Louis Zoo in May of 2022 (craig currie)