Dr. Nicole Robinson SLCC Trustee is Guest on Freeman Bosley Jr. Podcast
Dr. Nicole Robinson SLCC Trustee is Guest on Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr. Show and podcast April 2023.

Dr. Nicole Robinson is the newly elected Trustee for the St. Louis Community College who was interviewed on the Freeman Bosley Junior Show and podcast which aired last Saturday morning on 1600 AM Hallelujah KATZ radio at iHeartMEDIA at The City Foundry in Midtown, St. Louis.

Dr. Nicole Robinson iHeartMEDIA Podcast Freeman Bosley Jr. Show
Right to Left: Anthony Shahid, Felicia Hampton, Freeman Bosley Jr., Dr. Nicole Robinson on Hallelujah 1600 AM podcast at iHeartMEDIA.

Felicia Hampton:
Before we go any further, I do want to say that it is my desire to see Forest Park bring back their CNA program, their certified nurse assistant program. That program was in place before the pandemic. I would love to see that program come back because we went through the pandemic with a shortage of not only nurses, but the support staff, the CNAs. And when you become a certified nurse assistant, you can work anywhere in this country. Right now, today, I have students that are working right now making 20 to $35 an hour, depending on where they want to work with a three month certification. It takes three months to get your CNA certification, three months. You do one year in the field, right? You earn your stripes, and now you can make anywhere between 20 to $35 an hour. That is a program that needs to come back.
Dr. Nicole Robinson:
Absolutely. Absolutely. Listen to entire podcast on YouTube

Hosts and interviewers were Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr., Anthony Shahid, Felicia Mitchell-Hampton, Charles Abdul-Wuli Muhammed. Behind the scene was Cuddy The DJ recording sound. Listen to entire podcast on YouTube

Dr. Nicole Robinson:
So I haven’t been sworn in yet.
Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr.:
Oh, you haven’t been sworn in yet? When is that?
Dr. Nicole Robinson:
April the 20th. I’ll be sworn in.
Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr.:
What would be the plan to ensure that black businesses receive contracts with the Forest Park?
Dr. Nicole Robinson:
Well, I’m going to say being a board of trustee member, I’m going to have to advocate for them.

Interview with Dr. Nicole Robinson SLCC Trustee on Freeman Bosley Jr. Podcast April 2023

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