Paducah’s Lighted Dogwood Trail [Photos]

Photos Gallery of Lighted Dogwood Trail 2018….Winners and Participants

Music Video Lighted Dogwood Trail 2018

PADUCAH, KY – Paducah’s 54th Annual Lighted Dogwood Trail has a new theme this year called ‘Light up, company is coming!’

This was our first time going through the Lighted Dogwood Trail and it was really beautiful. There were signs attached to stop signs, telephone poles and street poles that helped guide us through the wonderful streets of Paducah.

The Dogwood Trail started back in 1964 that consisted of just two blocks on Sycamore Street. Today the trail spans 11 miles from downtown Paducah to the suburbs in the west.

On Trail Awards

Todd and Bethany Jones, 351 Wallace Lane
Chuck and Janel Tate, 3940 Court Avenue
Jan and Neal Scott, 2216 Jefferson Street
Carl and Polly LeBuhn, 644 Woodland Drive
Stan and Missy Eckenberg, 4240 Pines Road
Jim Landry and Hillary Chambers, 2974 Jefferson Street
Mary and Jarvis Maclin, 4710 Buckner Lane
Brian and Mary Katz, 4615 Quail Hollow Drive
Charles and Gail Ransler, 2830 Broadway

Off Trail Awards

Randall and Sherry Channell, 298 Alben Barkley Drive
Hal and Debe Sullivan, 3905 Alben Barkley Drive
Terra Bryan, 205 Minerva Place
Susan and Max Sacharnoski, 3260 Jefferson Street

The Dogwood Tree is associated with Easter due to its cross-like flowers as well.  Read more on the history at

DOGWOOD TRAIL 2018: Light up, company is coming!
WHEN: April 18 – May 1
WHERE: Trail Map PDF (source


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