Cracker Barrel owns land in Ruskin, no “immediate plans to build”

Cracker Barrel owns land in Ruskin, FL
Cracker Barrel owns land in Ruskin, FL/2015 copyrights Google

SOUTH SHORE/RUSKIN, FL – Cracker Barrel Old County Store purchased five acres of land in 2005 for $1 million on the Southwest corner of I-75 and SR 674 next to Ruskin Inn in Ruskin, FL.

The property is adjacent to the 55+ age-restricted community of Sun City Center. A Cracker Barrel representative commented in April 2015 about the Ruskin location:

At this time,  we don’t have immediate plans to build in Ruskin, Fl.

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10 responses to “Cracker Barrel owns land in Ruskin, no “immediate plans to build””

  1. Jeannie Dion Avatar
    Jeannie Dion

    I heard that there was going to be a Cracker Barrel built on exit 250 in Riverview and I haven’t seen any sign since we really need a Cracker Barrel close because of all the new construction new buildings and it’s close to the expressway easy on easy off there is a place called The Red Barn that is for sale it’s right off I-75 an exit 250 that would be a great place for a Cracker Barrel lots of room lots of parking good for this area a Riverview Brandon Ruskin in Sun City

  2. Cracker Barrel recently announced they are building in Gibsonton off of I-75. We still could use one in Ruskin by Sun City Cebter. Recently a Texas Roadhouse opened on 301 near Big Bend. It is packed every night with people over 55. Cracker Barrel you are missing a good bet.

  3. judy alcumbrack Avatar
    judy alcumbrack

    I don’t buy the fact they cannot find suitable employees in this area. I do agree it’s time to build one here. It would be a great asset to the community and give us oldies a great place to eat other than the fast food junk that is offered. Our only other option is Bob Evens or Denny’s. There are a few local places but most aren’t open for dinner. With the population booming rapidly here in Sun City Center it would be a perfect fit for many. so would outback. I think Cracker Barrel is selling this area short. A better option for it would be within golf cart distance but I understand the reasoning behind where they bought the land, it being right off of 75 is great location for them. With all of the growth in the are now, they need to do another feasability study here.

  4. they surely need to build 2 in ruskin. 1 by wawa on busy 301 and 674 and the other at the old kmart plaza on 19th and 41. hopefully its not all talk of a new super walmart purchasing that land for $5 million for a mega plaza.

  5. They need to put one at I-75 and 301 in Riverview. There is nothing in this area except a McDonalds.

  6. It would be a nice alternative to the fast food choices on SR 674 for those travelling down 75 and those who live nearby. So much has changed here since 2005. Cracker Barrel should survey the residents and restaurants within 20 miles to see how busy they are.

  7. I heard when they purchased the land, they decided not to build because of the county charging enormous amount of money for impact fees

  8. Yes we need you cracker barrel you would be so freaking busy

  9. Daniel Roach Avatar
    Daniel Roach

    I agree, with all the construction going on around the area Cracker Barrel has a gold mine on 674 in Ruskin. Actually this area from 674 to Big Bend Rd can handle 2 cracker barrels and keep both full. New hospital on Big Bend, New subdivisions going on up and down the US301 corridor. Get with the program Cracker Barrel.

  10. I believe its time for a Cracker Barrel to build in Ruskin.Population boom is taking place in and around Ruskin fl and subdivisions are being build in record numbers. New restuarants are moving into the area with three in the last year.Additions to the Hospital and local church expansions are a good indicator that growth is progressing in this once small sleepy town. I think we are ready for Cracker Barrel.

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