June 15, 2015 - JCB and Yellow 506c tractors life i-beams into bin in South Shore, South Bay FL

Demolition crew takes down Cox Lumber Co on US-41

APOLLO BEACH / SOUTH SHORE, FL – A demolition crew dismantled the Cox Lumber Company warehouse that was built in 1978 on the west side of US-41 (Tamiami Trail) between 19th Avenue and Villemaire Road in Apollo Beach, FL.

Restaurants and a retail store are being proposed on the property.

Cox Lumber Co.
5150 N US Highway 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572


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  1. Barbara Grofe Avatar
    Barbara Grofe

    This abandoned site, aside from being an eyesore with cement slabs and the rusting Cox sign, is being used as a trucker stop.
    Large rigs are parked there all the time and for long stretches of time.
    Our community of Admiral Pointe is directly behind this site. I would like to know to plans you have to remove the old sign and cement slabs. What happened to the restaurants and shops that were to be built there.
    Please find a way to remove the truckers.

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