Costco (opening Nov. 2022) will be part of University Place, a new retail development under construction in University City at I-170 and Olive Blvd. Costco will be the anchor store of many other retail, restaurants and the like that will create over 700 jobs. Currently, a steel frame is constructed along with brick wall along Olive as a retainer barrier.

Costco University City May 23, 2022

The multiple commercial projects will be done in phases that will end up covering both sides of Olive Boulevard east of Interstate 170. So far in the works is a Costco, Apartments, Senior Living, Hotel and a Grocery Store to name a few. Companies that are involved with the development include the best in St. Louis: Clayco, CRG, Seneca, Holland and Hutkin Properties Group.

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  1. I’m concerned about all the
    traffic the Cosco and all the retail etc. will bring to that
    intersection at Olive and 170. Are there plans to address that.

    1. Hi Jean, The traffic is going to increase a lot, sorry to say. I don’t know what they are going to do about the traffic and I don’t see any more lanes being added. One thing is for sure is that we will all need to calculate extra time when driving through this part of town. Thank you for commenting and have a nice day.