MAY 28, 2015 - Costco Wholesale Warehouse, Brandon, Florida

Costco, Citrus Park, Tampa (opened 2.9.2017)

TAMPA / CITRUS PARK, FL – Costco Wholesale is opening February 9, 2017 at  8712 West Linebaugh Avenue in the Citrus Park neighborhood of Tampa, FL.


T D Farrell Construction based in Georgia managed the construction of the new Costco.

Costco Wholesale
8712 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33625
Phone: (813) 616-7001 or (813) 720-1251


18 responses to “Costco, Citrus Park, Tampa (opened 2.9.2017)”

  1. I live five minutes away and did not know when was the grand opening, never get anything in the mail. I am very disappointed.

  2. How much is the membership? Are there any discounts?

    1. What time is the store opening on 02/09?

  3. Sherry Morrow Avatar
    Sherry Morrow

    Are you offering any specials on memberships when you open

    1. Felicia Minardi Avatar
      Felicia Minardi

      Are you offering specials on memberships or any other advantages?

  4. When will the new location start hiring? I’ve been watching the construction all along, and it’s coming along nicely. I live in walking distance! Can’t wait!

    1. its ready now

  5. I applied today for the Clearwater store because the Tampa location was not listed

    1. I applied yesterday when you do your login under location type in Tampa its there under westchase

  6. Where can I apply???

    1. Carmen Rivera Avatar
      Carmen Rivera

      It says, now hiring and directs you to apply, but when you do, it’s nowhere to be found for this exact location in Tampa, FL

      I apologize and you are correct. The Citrus Park/Westchase location is not listed yet. I corrected the mistake and hope you will forgive me…craig

      1. Giovanni Palles Avatar
        Giovanni Palles

        The Tampa location isnt listed when you try to apply to Costco online…

  7. Joe Rodriguez Avatar
    Joe Rodriguez

    Where do I go to apply for the job at costco I’ve been waiting for months to apply

  8. How do I apply

  9. OH !!!! i almost forgot !!
    i saw on tv recently that somewhere they are trying new parking idea……. which i think is
    EXCELLENT !!! it is basically parallel parking and an angle…..BUT you BACK IN instead of driving in FORWARD !!! The only draw back i believe is to inform people they have to keep room between cars to accomodate the reverse sequence………. BUT !!! THE BEAUTY IS that one does
    no longer have to BACK UP WITH A BLINDSPOT !!!! it would probably reduce a GREAT number of parking lot accidents due to blind spot !!!!!
    I thought maybe it could be incorporated into this area………… but i havent yet found the completed drawing of area………….. thank you for reading !!! judi

  10. Hi !
    I am very interested in This Costco construction…. as I am considering to apply for a job….
    and also because i live about 1/2 mile from it….
    I am trying to find online….. drawings of what the area will look like when completed….
    I had hopes of small stores on either side of Costco building nicely landscaped possibly with a water feature….. and maybe a coffee shop with outdoor seating… enjoy it……
    Soooo am i Dreaming????? LOL this area is beautiful… would love to have it enhanced and
    enjoyed to the fullest !!!
    so where can i find future drawings of Area.????
    Do i contact Costco……… for future employment? thank you !!!
    Keep up the good work….. it is looking Great…….. and i am dying of curiosity !!! judi

    1. i am not sure why my pic is so LARGE !!!! SORRY

    2. Judi I saw recently that a restaurant that serves steaks, etc is to open in that shopping center with Costco.

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