Cori Bush speaks at Delmar Dived Protest known as red-lining in University City. credit craig currie

Cori Bush Protests Delmar Divide in University City

Cori Bush, candidate for Missouri Congress, gave a very powerful and touching speech about the Delmar Divide in the parking lot of the former Cicero’s before marching down Delmar Blvd. in University City.

Cori said, “There is no peace when black bodies are being murdered everyday by police. There is no peace when we have one side of Delmar that’s marginalized and oppressed and then we have the other side of Delmar that lives totally different; there is no peace there.”

The “Delmar Divide” historically known as “redlining” is a symbol of the racial and economic division in St. Louis. Together, let’s demand a new beginning of intentional community and governmental efforts that build up north city and north county.


ExpectUS organized the march which was coined “Divided We Fall March” representing the disparities between the privileged that live south of Delmar vs the disenfranchised that live north of Delmar.

I never considered myself racist but by not taking action for George Floyd’s murder, actions like yelling from the rooftops, donating, volunteering, protesting, telling my family and friends about the systematic murders of African Americans by the police, I was being a racist. By me being silent, I was inadvertently condoning the murder of George Floyd. “Silence is Violence” so speak up.

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