Cori Bush speaks against police brutality at the steps of City Hall in Downtown St. Louis.

Cori Bush Sets Eyes to be First Black Female to Serve in Missouri Congress

Cori Bush is about to make history at the ballot box in November while setting her eyes to be the first Black female to Serve in U.S. Missouri Congress 1st District.

Bernie Sanders was thrilled that Cori Bush had won the 2020 Primary for U.S. House District 1 and said: “She is a true progressive who stands with working people and will take on the corporate elite of this country when she gets to Congress. Congratulations to @CoriBush. What a remarkable victory.”

We’re the ones that will make history.

Cori Bush 2020

Cori’s Speech is below both on video and written down as well.

Only Missouri can make this happen. We’re the ones that can make change, we’re the ones that will make history. We didn’t set out to make history. We didn’t try to make history. Y’know, people say, “Y’know, if I was born back in such-and-such time, y’know, I would have done this.”

During the Ferguson uprising, we didn’t hit the streets thinking, “Oh, this protest is happening, so let me come out and look special and try to get a name for myself. When you’re in a history-making moment, you don’t know that you’re in a history-making moment.

We didn’t know we were making history. We didn’t know that we would touch the entire world. We wanted justice for black and brown people. So we were fighting for someone we didn’t know.

Understand the moment that you’re in: We are making history right now. This is a history-making moment. Teachers, nurses, farmers, veterans, store clerks, hotel workers, janitors, servers, union workers, postal workers, and unemployed and those retired: this is our moment.

To the Black women making 61 cents on the dollar; the Black families who have had the, “Just make it home safely baby,” talk: this is our moment. Gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, trans and queer: this is our moment.

To the unable to vote or unwilling to hope; the overlooked, the exploited, the movers, the breakers, the builders, the shakers, and the laborers: This. Is. Our. Moment.

Cori Bush 2020