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Thank you for visiting and God Bless….craig

Craig Currie
P.O. Box 84
Paducah, KY 42001
text: (813) 812-2549

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  1. Dear
    Thank you for the great photos and information about Metropolis IL. I moved here in Jan 2016 and opened a brewpub and have started a FB page for Market Street. I have shared your photos of Market Street and links to your site. Here is a link to the Metropolis Market Street Merchants. Again, thank you for all you do and God Bless. Terri Smith

    Hello Terri,
    Hi Terri,

    I will do a page for your Brewpub and Market Street page in the next few days. I’m moving to Paducah and currently visiting here so I will be sure and take some more photos of Market Street. Me and my partner will come visit the pub as well. It sounds great!

    I will start a new in Metropolis button on the site and feature your brewpub with lots of photos 🙂

    Thank you and God Bless…craig718 Brew Cafe, Metropolis, IL

  2. I’m hearing that a Firehouse Subs is going to be launching in the Summerfield Square shopping center. Given there’s not many open outparcels in there, it’s probably the one near the end of the new expansion where Dunkin Donuts and TMobile/Doggoneholistic have all recently moved into. The person who described it to me said “Firehouse Subs is going in next to Linksters”.

    (Incidentally, the one in Brandon is in the same shopping center as Linksters.)

    I can’t find anything to confirm this is going to happen, so if you are able to qualify it, I suppose there’s no harm in sharing yet another tidbit of something coming to the area…

    Love the site. Keep up the good work.

    Hello Byron
    Thank you so much for the heads up on the Firehouse Subs. I will check into the permits and the like to see if I can find out anything on paper. I will let you know. And thank so much for the kudos. It makes my Job worth while. With deep appreciation, Craig

    2.7.2017 Hello
    I found an “Aplication In Progress” for Fireshouse Subs on the Florida License site at:

    The address on the applications reads:
    13129 US-301, Riverview, FL 33578

    Keep a look for a Firehouse Sub coming soon sign in that area

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  6. What planned construction is taking place around the intersection of falkenburg and progress blvd? Mobil gas station with shops? New homes..? Apartments? What is the layout? Expected completion, etc…..

    Thank you

  7. FYI I believe they have started moving land on Rivercrest Commons Outparcel 1

    Heartland Dental has signed a lease on Outparcel 1 at Rivercrest Commons

    Thank you Jason for the comment and the photo. It’s very much appreciated.

  8. Do you email weekly news for our area (South Shore/ Sun City/Riverview / Brandon)
    If so, could you please add me email address to your list.
    Thanks !

    ADMIN REPLY: I added you to the email list. You will get all new postings immediately in you email. Thank very much for visiting us…craig

    1. Hi I would like to get e mail on all of the things being built in Clearwater Florida on Cleveland Street and causeway

      ADMIN REPLY: Because of the cost involved, I know longer cover anything too far out of South Shore area. Thank you for visiting.

    1. I was in construction for many years. As completition dates approach, compainies almost always need extra help or crew overtime to finish on projected time.
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  9. Any info on the main store chain building at the Panther Trace Blvd & 301 S corner in Riverview? Rumor is it is a Lucky’s Market.

    Love your site!


    ANSWER FROM STAFF: There is going to be restaurants, retail and an anchor store but I haven’t got word yet on which ones or going to be moving in. Thank you so much for visiting and thanks for the heads up on this property. With deep appreciation – craig at

    We will have updates for this location at:

  10. Hi there,

    I work for Winthrop in Riverview and was hoping to use some of your photos for the new website we’re building. Would you be willing to let us use a few of your Winthrop photos? We can credit you and your site of course.

    Thank you!

  11. Great site, want to see if I can get some stuff on your site. Can you call me at 516-909-9213 I am in the Riverview area and have some great stuff to add to the site

  12. Hello Robert,
    I just wanted take a moment and thank you so much for the uplifting photos and comments about Trinity Baptist Church. We opened our new Educational Building in March, and we have now added a Pathways to Praise garden at the entrance. We appreciate your service to our community.

    1. Hello Paula,

      It was kind of you to write about the photos of your sign at Trinity Baptist Church. I drive by it often and always try to make it a point to read what it says. It always put a smile on my face even when I’am down. Thank you for the sign, I really love it..craig

    1. Hello Robert,

      I have photographed and covered a few businesses in Pasco, Hernando but found it to costly to drive that far. I now mainly focus on SouthShore (where I live) and Brandon.

      Thanks for visiting…craig

    1. Hello Rob,
      In the comment section, please give me the address, a website and a write up and I will be more than happy to post it and feature it for a week on the front page. Thank you and I’m looking forward to posting it.

  13. Dear photonews team,

    recently we found great photos you’ve made of our upcoming place in Tampa. Big thanks to you for stoping by and made them. Could we use them in our social posts with credentials to

    best regards,
    Drama Burger Team

    1. Hello Drama Burger Team,

      Yes you can use any photos on this site that you want. I can’t wait to try one of your big burgers.

      thanks and have a great day…craig

  14. Hi, I just found this site. I am doing research for a South Shore Website I am building. Your site and photos are awesome. Who are you?

    I live in Apollo Beach and am working towards creating a Website that celebrates all that is awesome about South Shore: places, people, dining, recreation, festivals and events. The site is just in its infancy in building and should be finalized in April.

    I would love to know you and your story with this site. It’s really great.

    1. This is so awesome. You can use my photos for your blog if you want but I let everyone use my pictures because I just don’t get how I can own an image…WHAT! lol

      My site is just a wordpress site at godaddy that cost around $5/mo. Go to the Godaddy link below and look at the $4.99 plan. That is all you need for now. And don’t let them add anything else onto the bill if you do decide to get it unless you need a domain which runs around $11/yr. I have the $4.99 plan since my site is just a blog with very few visitors.

      check Godaddy wordpress hosting prices below:

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      You have a great New Years…..and God Bless

  15. Found your website when I was looking for some information about some construction going on in the Southshore area. Very informative. If you get the chance though, I would love to see RSS feed support so I can more easily keep tabs on new information.

    1. Hi Richard,

      I put a share button on the side that may have an RSS feed (for new pages) but I am not really sure. If not, get back with me and I will try again…thank you for visiting and have a great evening..craig

  16. We are a local family who is in the process of raising funds for an adoption. We will be holding a large yard sale on July 18 in Ruskin off HWY 41 South and would love to partner with you for more exposure.

    Thanks! Stacia

  17. We wanted to see if you could do a photo shoot on a new sandwich shop opened in Balm on C.R. 674 it’s family owned and operated. A good thi g for the community. PLEASE check it out.
    Thank you,
    Phyllis Dearden

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