CLEARWATER, FL – Cleveland Street District is the retail and entertainment area that runs along Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater, FL.

The area has been going through a renaissance for the past decade with new business moving in and major construction projects that helped reinvigorate the area.

A beautification project for the district included banners, art sculptures, median upgrades, streetlights and sidewalk signs that read:

Cleveland St. District – Stay Up And Play

The renewed Cleveland Street District is now considered a popular hotspot for upscale urban living with more condominium projects underway that include The Skyview,  The Nolen and The Strand.

Cleveland Street District
Downtown Clearwater, FL

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  1. Went there based on the comments, there are no shop..other than some small cafes.. there is nothing to do. One good thing is the walk on the marina and the park… don’t waste your time.