AUG 23, 2015 - City of Tampa from Platt Street Bridge in Downtown Tampa, FL/

City of Tampa: slight animation from Platt Street Bridge

DOWNTOWN TAMPA, FL – SEP 3, 2015: The animation is subtle of the City of Tampa from the 1902 Platt Street Bridge in Downtown Tampa, FL.

The slight animation of the Tampa cityscape was created with two copies of the same same image: the first image being the original and the second edited in the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop.

The two images were moved to Adobe Premier Pro and processed as a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). GIF format has been around since 1987 and is widely used due to its global support on the internet.

GIF’s are not recommended on photos like the one here due to its restriction to only 256 colors. The animation format is better suited for logos and graphics, however.

The steps mentioned above may seem time consuming for such a subtle difference, but after making a few you will be able to process one under five minutes.

Both Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop software were used for this image and can now be accessed by smartphones so GIF’s can be done on the go.