Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner for the City of St. Louis, MO
Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner for the City of St. Louis, MO credit

When Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner started in 2017, there were 205 homicides in St. Louis, and in 2022 there were 196 homicides. Even though one murder is too many and is tragic for the families and the city, this does show a decrease in homicides in St. Louis. Instead of blaming one person or political parties, lets talk about the root causes of crime.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high murder rate in St. Louis. One factor is the city’s high poverty rate. People living in poverty in St. Louis is increasing, and poverty is often associated with crime. Another factor is the city’s working poor. The American dream for most people is unattainable and more and more jobs are disappearing due to AI, as gun sales jumped 64%. The employment rate is low but doesn’t account for thousands who dropped off the unemployment list.

The city of St. Louis is working to address the problem of crime. The new Police Chief, Robert Traccy, has increased the number of officers and even helped with raises to help retain them. Tracy is using new technology to fight crime as well. However, it will take time to reduce the murder rate in St. Louis.

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