Black female entrepreneurs posing at The STL Collective Photoshoot coached by Chi The Model. (screen grab Craig Currie)

Chi The Model Coaches Black Female Entrepreneurs at photoshoot, Tower Grove Park

Chi the model coached 15 black female entrepreneurs during The STL Collective 2020 Photoshoot with Mena Darre doing the photography at Tower Grove Park, December 8, 2020. It was around 9:00 AM and a chilly 35 degrees when everything got started.

Chi, the best modeling and posing coach in St. Louis, teamed up with Mena, the best photographer in St. Louis, to create one of the most epic photoshoots of 2020. These two talented and beautiful young women are both so uplifting to be around and graced with etiquette that surpasses royalty.

Watch Chi The Model coach 15 of the most beautiful woman in St. Louis that happen to be entrepreneurs as well.

Before the shoot got started, Chi gathered the women and spoke:

“My name is Chi. I am going to be the posing coach today, so please, please have fun. You all look absolutely amazing. I want you to be yourselves but I may be giving you a little direction here and there.

If you happen to move or pose, I want it to be fluid. I don’t want to be seeing all this. [while she moved like robot making us LOL] I want it to be graceful, sexy and effortless, because it’s going to show up on the cameras.

So, I am going to guide you. Every now and then I might have you expose a little thigh, because that’s what I do. [sparking laughter in the crowd] We are going to have so much fun today. Right! [clapping ensued]

Chi The Model

Chi and Mena assisted all the gorgeous ladies with grace and made the entire set feel comfortable. With their talent and guidance, the shoot went smooth as butter.

SPEAKER Chi the Model
FEATURING Fifteen of the Hottest St. Louis Entrepreneurs
MUSIC “The Monkey Funk” by Yanivi from
VIDEO By Craig Currie


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  1. Awwww Mr. Currie! I love this so much! We all appreciate you SO much! ?

    1. Thank you, Chi. You are a very special person that makes everyone feel welcome. What a gift you have and the ladies loved you…I appreciate you so much!!!!

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