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Cheddar’s N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Carrollwood

CARROLLWOOD / TAMPA, FL – revised Feb 26, 2016: Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen opened Monday, February 1st at 4 pm on North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, FL.

Feb 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cheddar’s opened at 3:00 pm.
Feb 4th Cheddar’s resumed normal hours.

The tentative Grand Opening date was set for February 22.

Cheddar’s is an American style restaurant that got its start in 1979 and now has restaurants across Florida and 22 other states.

The other restaurant under construction at this location is Outback Steakhouse. Eye Glass World is under construction between Outback and Cheddars. WOW That’s Fast opened at this location on Nov 23, 2015.

NOW HIRING apply at the Carrollwood location on N Dale Mabry 

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
11004 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL, 33618
(813) 964-5300
www.cheddars.com | Google Maps


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  1. Como puedo aplicarme ahi pa trabjr

  2. It was my first time going to a Cheddars, I went with my three (3) sisters for a ladies night out and we LOVED IT!! Our server was Great! The service from the rest of the staff was great as well! The food was delicious, we had the sampler appetizer and the Montecristo and the Club sandwiches. The Presidente Sangrias were excellent! We will be back!!!

  3. P. Michele Avatar
    P. Michele

    Took a friend to Cheddars for lunch today. Was looking forward to the Chicken and Honey roasted Pecan salad. Turned out to be a ton of shredded carrots (yuk) around a bed of lettuce and some cheese sprinkled on top. The piece of chicken was fatty with grizzle (Double Yuk). The pecans were great and so was the Strawberry Vinaigrette dressing. Was very disappointed this time around. Service was great though.

  4. The expierence starts the moment you enter a restaurant..The hostess desk is your 1st contact and that is where the lies started. The hostess stated the wait would be 20 min and when I said it looks like an hour or more wait she said no way!!The lies continue and so did the wait..I asked to speak to a Manager and the he lied and said the computer was faulty.. as I walked around there were 11 empty tables..I was advised they do that to not overwhelm the kitchen..Incredible.
    So is this what Cheddar’s is about??
    This was my 1st and last visit..You need to reconsider you Management Protocol because if I was a Shopper it was an awfull experience.. We did wait and yes the food only had to go back once for incorrect side dish.
    Also patrons should always be asked if they want to sit in the Bar area because we did have a child with us..

  5. I went to Cheddars yesterday and ordered the Monte Christo and a baked potato. The potatoe was hard and under-cooked and the sandwich tasted good but between there and home I started getting sick. It finally came up at about 1:30 this morning leaving my stomach still feeling nauseous this morning. Dont think I will be returning.

  6. Julio Avilés Avatar
    Julio Avilés

    This restaurant, is not good like the other store in Brandon FL, first at all servers are untrained and have no idea of what they are doing. Managers are the same way too. But the food is always nasty to me seems like someone dropped from an airplane.

    1. Sharon Valdes Avatar
      Sharon Valdes

      There were 3 of us who ate today at cheddars and everythi ng we ate was very good. I would have liked it to be hot not just warm. The service was also excellent, we will be back.

  7. Alona Lewis Avatar
    Alona Lewis

    Went in tonight… Must say the service was excellent …. But was greatly disappointed that the Shepards Pie was NOT on the menu, the primary reason we went … The waiter said quite a few people had asked for it also.
    The chicken fried steak, steak and ribs and chicken tenders were very good though … But it wasn’t what we had talked about and waited weeks for …. So it was a let down ..

  8. Dominique Middleton Avatar
    Dominique Middleton

    Hi my name is Dominique Middleton and I applied for one of the server positions at cheddars I have experience in the restaurant industries and I fill that I am more than able to perform my duties if hire at cheddars,I’m a hard energetic worker that works well with others and by myself if needed

  9. Desiraya Santiago Avatar
    Desiraya Santiago

    I was wondering if there is a number to call to set up a time I can come in and properly introduced myself to the manager. I already filled out an application.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey i filled out an application three weeks ago. I was wondering if im able to speak to the manager myself because im really looking forward to working with you guys.

  10. Emmanuel desir Avatar
    Emmanuel desir

    When will they start calling for interviews? I put my app in

  11. I have tried sending my resume and cover letter to the email that was left on here also I have tried the new link and it says page is no longer avaiable. Im a hostess at Oilve Garden and im looking to change to cheddars. How else can I apply? Can I come to the location and apply? If so what days and times? Thank you

    1. Hello Shianne
      Click the link below and select Florida in the first drop-down list and Carrollwood in the second. It will then give you a choice of three job selections. I couldn’t find a phone number listed for the Carrollwood location yet. I hope this helps. Good luck and Merry Christmas


  12. Hello Devon,
    I wanted to work here as a server at the Carrollwood location. On the link your posting I don’t see any open spots. Did you guys already fill it?

    1. Hello Amanda

      This is the main link on the Official Cheddars site that will allow you to apply on line. I don’t know if they are all filled but I see an opening for a manager position.


  13. Michael maar Avatar
    Michael maar

    Just curious what the projected date of when you will start accepting applications for the dale Mabry location will be? I live in the upscale neighborhood off floyd street right behind the restaurant and can’t wait to get started.

    1. Hello,

      You can send your resume to careers@cheddars.com. It further reads, at cheddars.com, that applicants with be contacted if a suitable position becomes available.

      The Dale Mabry location is not listed yet under job openings, though. You can check the link below for location as well:

      I hope this helps…thank you for visiting…craig

      1. devon williams Avatar
        devon williams

        wen will u be accepting applications for dale mabry

        1. Hello Devon,

          They are now accepting applications for the Carrollwood location at the link below…thanks for visiting and have a great day…


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