NOV 19, 2015 - Charity Hospital grey concrete building with dark stains and weathering on Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA/

Charity Hospital, a sleeping Hero in New Orleans, LA

NEW ORLEANS, LA –  Charity Hospital on Tulane Avenue was an icon of hope and last resort for most after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005.

And even though Charity was flooded and without electricity, doctors and staff pressed on saving countless lives. Medical staff ventured out in groups making makeshift medical centers and ER’s out of tents as well.

It was three weeks after the devastation when Governor Kathleen Blanco decided to permanently close the Hospital cutting thousands of poor and uninsured from the only safety net they had known regarding health care.

Charity was recently replaced with the new state-of-the-art University Medical Center New Orleans. It’s the new billion dollar hospital that takes in the poor and uninsured as well.

Today Charity Hospital stands in disrepair but its legacy continues in the City of New Orleans.

Charity Hospital Building
1532 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, LA