Sony Time-Lapse App on FL-674

Sony Time-Lapse App on FL-6745 (100%) 1 vote[s] Camera used for these photos was the Sony A7 Full Frame – get price at This video was created with the Sony Time Lapse App on a Sony A7 camera. The individual clips were unedited and spliced together in Windows Movie Maker which is free software. The music […]

Ybor City lights on 7th Avenue [VIDEO]

Ybor City lights on 7th Avenue [VIDEO]5 (100%) 2 vote[s] Photo gallery of historic 7th Avenue during Super Bowl 2017 in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, FL. TAMPA / YBOR CITY – Ybor City contains 950 historic buildings and is the official Historic District of Tampa, FL. The highlight of Ybor City is historic 7th […]

Loud train horns in Tampa getting silenced

Rate this Train horn complaints by residence in downtown Tampa have been heard while the City goes into planning phase to quite them down TAMPA / YBOR CITY, FL – It is Federally mandated for train conductors (24 hours a day) to sound their horns 15-20 seconds before reaching a railroad crossing to warn drivers […]

Dave & Buster’s, Tampa, FL (opening Oct 30th)

Dave & Buster’s, Tampa, FL (opening Oct 30th)3.3 (66.25%) 16 vote[s] TAMPA FL – Dave & Buster’s is a sports bar with billiards, bowling, arcade games and more that announce on its website a tentative opening on Oct. 30, 2017 at the corner of Estuary Lakes Drive and Palm River Road in Brandon, FL. ♦ […]