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Menu Prices Starbucks Paducah – Sanders & Hinkleville

PADUCAH, KY – The new Starbucks Coffeehouse is located at 5015 Hinkleville Road at Sanders Boulevard in Paducah KY.

The new drive-thru Starbucks is a stand-alone building next to the strip mall that houses Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Jimmy John’s and Qdoba.

Mon-Thur 5:00am-10:00pm
Friday 5:00am-10:30pm
Saturday 5:30am-10:30pm
Sunday 6:00am-10:00pm

Starbucks Coffee (opened March.12.2018)
5015 Hinkleville Rd
Paducah KY 42001

MENU PRICES Starbucks Hinkleville & Sanders

03.11.2018 - Starbucks Coffee-Frappuccino drive-thru menu with prices in Paducah at Hinkleville and Sanders/
03.11.2018 – Starbucks Coffee-Frappuccino drive-thru menu with prices in Paducah at Hinkleville and Sanders/
03.11.2018 - Starbucks drive-thru lunch menu with prices in Paducah at Hinkleville and Sanders/
03.11.2018 – Starbucks drive-thru lunch menu with prices in Paducah at Hinkleville and Sanders/
Paducah KY

8 cylinder motorcycle made in USA by Jerry

PADUCAH, KY – This incredible 8 cylinder three-wheel motorcycle was engineered and built right here in Paducah by Jerry, a retired Pipefitter and part-time inventor.

Jerry happens to be one of those brilliant people who can turn an idea into reality by building it himself. It was a pleasure Jerry.

new in Paducah KY Paducah KY

Our Retirement Community in Paducah, KY

PADUCAH, KY – One of the best and most affordable retirement communities in the nation is Liberty Point Apartments located in one of America’s best small towns, Paducah Kentucky.

Liberty Point is not age restricted and not even marketed as a retirement community. However, through months of research we found it to be one of best places to retire without the name ‘retirement’ ever being mentioned on the site.

The neighborhood is nestled in a secluded section of land within a mile of Kentucky Oaks Mall and just under 2 miles from I-24. The luxury apartments come in one story fourplexes with attached garages, screened in porches, private patios and 24/7 maintenance service with some of the workers living right in the neighborhood.

The Amenities mention on the Liberty Point site include a walking trail, a 5-acre lake and a dog park.

Once completed, an electronic gate will be added to the front entrance along with a pool and a small workout facility. In the mean time, if working out is a must, there is Planet Fitness less than a mile from the apartments for only $10/mo.

Other Great Things

Breathing Room : The fourplex homes are spread out along the property. You will never feel cramped or closed in living in this spacious development. And with a five acre lake in your back yard for a minimal fee, it’s a paradise.

Exceptional Pricing: Rent for the same square footage in the retirement community of Sun City Center FL cost around $1,400/mo without an attached garage or lake.

The Owner Patrick Mobley: Patrick, a native Paducah man with decades of building experience, put this hidden gem together with his father, a well known and respected developer in Paducah as well.

This is a father & son development that is not only a great legacy for the Mobley family, it’s a  literal God send for us. We searched the internet for months trying to find apartments that were retirement-friendly to no avail until we called Patrick at Liberty Point Apartments.

We are blessed to have found this place. I wanted to share this with others who may be looking to retire in a development like no other starting in the $800/mo range.

For more, visit Liberty Point Apartments at

Liberty Point Apartments
3465 Stanley Rd, Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 554-9961

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Columbia Theatre, Paducah, KY

PADUCAH, KY – The Columbia Theatre was awarded a $100,000 Grant in May 2017 from the Carson Myre Foundation that will allow the next renovation phase for the 1927 building.

When the Columbia Theatre opened in 1927, it brought Hollywood to Paducah featuring the latest silent movies and live theatre.

By 1987, featuring only movies, it closed its doors permanently. This was shortly after the Cimemark 10-screen multi-theater opened in Paducah Oaks Mall.

The marquee was magical, I hear, and is one step closer to lighting up Broadway – aka Paducah’s Main Street – once again featuring live shows, movies and events in beautiful downtown Paducah.

See a rendering of the plans for the Columbia  at

Read Columbia’s history at:

Columbia Theatre
504 Broadway St, (Historic Main St)
Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 443-2481