Aquarium of Americas and Entergy IMAX Theatre, New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – SEPTEMBER 13: The Audobon Aquarium of the Americas and the Entergy IMAX Theatre are staples of the city New Orleans located at the banks of the Mississippi River. The IMAX Theatre features educational films that explore nature in 3-D located in downtown New Orleans. Entergy IMAX Theatre | 1 Canal St | […]

Nola Pedicabs are bicycle taxies in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – SEPT 18: Nola Pedicabs is a local bicycle taxi company in New Orleans and are a great way to see the city such as the French Quarters on Bourbon Street or the Garden District. Similar to a regular taxicab service, you just call 504-274-1300 to be picked up or you can schedule a […]

Inspirational message on billboard while entering New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – SEPT 16: An inspired message from the Men of God’s Garden is currently posted on a Lamar billboard along Hwy 10 West in New Orleans. The sign read: BLACK MEN…Men Of God, Stand Up, Take Your Rightful Place. And Fathers, Leaders, Providers, Protectors and the Keepers of God’s Most Sacred Union…THE FAMILY – Men Of God’s […]

Saenger Theatre built 1927, reopened 2013 in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA – SEP 16, 2015: Saenger Theatre opened in 1927, destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and reopened in 2013 after a complete renovation located on Canal Street in New Orleans, LA. The restoration of the theater was part of a $53 million revitalization project to help jump-start the economy for the New Orleans […]

French Quarter Task Force New Orleans

FRENCH QUARTER / NEW ORLEANS, LA – If you are in trouble in the French Quarter you have another option besides 911 to get help. It is Uber-like app called the French Quarter Task Force that enables anyone to text the incident in real-time to the nearest Task Force police officer with response times reported to be around 2 minutes. […]