718BrewCafe creates Market Street Facebook page

Feb 27, 2017 - Historic Market St, at magic golden hour in Metropolis IL/photonews247.com

MARKET STREET / METROPOLIS, IL – Glen and Terrie Smith, owners of 718BrewCafe, created a public-based Facebook page called Metropolis Market Street Merchants to help promote businesses on Market Street and for the downtown area as well.

You can visit the community business page at:

718 Market Street (historic)
Metropolis, IL 62960
(618) 524-7180
menu: 718brewcafe.com/menu
directions: google.com/maps

I was inspired to take these photos when I learned about the Metropolis Market Street Merchants and all are welcome to use, edit and post any of the pictures without worries.


Lois Lane Metropolis (Market Street)

2017 - Lois Lane statue starry night, Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

Market Street / Metropolis, IL – Lois Lane is memorialized in a statue located at the corner of 8th Street and historic Market Street in the small and wonderful town of Metropolis, IL.

The statue features the original Lois Lane played by Noel Darleen Neill (1920-2016) in the first hit series of Superman during the 1950’s.

Metropolis is the Home Of Superman and Miss Neill is the official  First Lady of Metropolis.”  The 39th Annual Superman Celebration was dedicated to Neill that attracted people from around the world.

Home of Superman, Metropolis Illinois

Feb 27, 2017 - Superman taking flight on building in Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

METROPOLIS, IL – The Home of Superman is in Metropolis where he worked as Clark Kent for the Daily Planet newspaper with Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane.

The man of steel was a legend and was later memorialized in a 15-feet bronze statue on Superman Square that looks over Market Street in the downtown Metropolis, Illinois.

Superman’s most notable phrase is forever engraved at the statue’s base that reads:

For Truth – Justice – And The American Way.

See photos of the  39th Annual Superman Celebration 2017  held during during the month of June.

The Ohio River runs along the small town of Metropolis with a population of 6,465 according to the 2013 count done by the U.S. Census Bureau. (wikipedia)

Superman Museum & Gift Shop, Metropolis

OCT 6, 2015 - Superman Gift Shop in Metropolis, Illinois/photonews247.com

METROPOLIS, ILL – The Superman Museum & Souvenir building is decorated with Superman memorabilia along Market Street in Metropolis, Illinois – across the street from the giant Superman statue.

Superman Museum & Toy Store
517 Market St, Metropolis, IL 62960
(618) 524-5518
directions: Google Maps

Mural painting of Flood Of 1937 in Metropolis, IL

OCT 6, 2015 - Mural by Benjamin Watterson on building on Market Street and 7th Street, Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

METROPOLIS, IL – OCT 27, 2015: The mural, depicting the flood of 1937, was painted by Benjamin Watterson located on the corner of Market Street and 7th Street in downtown Metropolis, IL.

There are six murals all together in the downtown area between Market Street and Ferry Street, each representing a historical event that help shape what Metropolis is today.

Accompanied with the renderings are plaques that describe the event in detail with dates and names.

Mural painting of 1923 Fire Rescue in Metropolis, IL

OCT 6, 2015 - Mural depicting 1923 Fire Rescue on 7th Street and Market Street in Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

METROPOLIS, IL – OCT 27, 2015:  A mural depicting the 1923 Fire Rescue on the Happy Hearts Senior building is located on the corner of 7th Street and Market Street in Metropolis, IL.

See giant Superman statue in Superman Square just up the street from the Fire Rescue mural.

Historic Market Street in Metropolis, Illinois

OCT 6, 2015 - A resident with her bags waits to be picked up after shopping on Market Street, Metropolis, Illinois/photonews247.com

METROPOLIS, IL – When you take a stroll down Market Street (AKA Main Street) in the small town of Metropolis (pop 6,465) you will see a locally-owned businesses and other services nestled inside the historic buildings.

Market Street starts at Superman Square where a 15 ft. Superman statue looks directly down Market Street.

Metropolis is known as the Home of Superman, a main tourist attraction for the quaint town with a Superman Museum to boot.

The Ohio River is just a couple of blocks south and is known for its breathtaking views around sunset.

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